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"An unexpected error has occured" during Chromebook recovery (fix)

Some time ago I bought a Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 (with LTE connectivity, codename nautilus). Despite not being a huge fan of Samsung, I have to admit they make beautiful screens, and their stylus feel great to use. I end up loving the odd aspect ratio (3:2), and the keyboard, although I’ve used better, is quite usable. I bought it with the goal of keeping my work/personal life a bit more divided. Continue reading

On sudoers.d rules precendece

Disclaimer: this is a bit of a repost, but I thought I might share the experience so that others have an easier time finding the solution. So, yesterday I learned something interesting about sudoers rules precedence. I wanted to make a script that detected the current status of tlp to display it in waybar, and for that I needed to execute tlp-stat as root. Because it’s a script that is executed every 10 seconds or so I can’t have sudo asking for my password every single time, so I added a sudoers rule. Continue reading